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I won't twist the knife this time, the blade is sharp enough to bring the message
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Name: Nina
Age: 15
Location: Washington
Gender: Female
Status: Taken

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(Fuck It) I Don't Want you Back
by Eamon

no no no

See I don't.. know why I like you so much..
I gave ya all of my trust I told you.. I loved you
now its all down the drain you put me through a pain
I wanna let you know how I feel

fuck what I saidit don't mean shit now
fuck the presents might as well throw em' out
fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you hoe I don't want you back
fuck what I said it don't mean shit now
fuck the presents might as well throw em' out
fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you hoe I don't want you back

You thought you could keep this shit from me.. yeah
you burned bitch I heard the story
you played me you even gave him head
now your asking for me back
your just another hack
look else were cause your done with me

fuck what I said it don't mean shit now
fuck the presents might as well throw em' out
fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you hoe I don't want you back
fuck what I said it don't mean shit now
fuck the presents might as well throw em' out
fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you hoe I don't want you back

oww oww uh huh yeah
oww oww uh huh yeah
oww oww uh huh yeah
oww oww uh huh yeah

your question did I care?
you can ask anyone
I even said you were my great one
now its i'm over
but I do amit i'm sad it hurts real bad
I can't sweat that cause i loved a hoe

fuck what I said it don't mean shit now
fuck the presents might as well throw em' out
fuck all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you hoe I don't want you back

oww oww uh huh yeah
oww oww uh huh yeah
oww oww uh huh yeah
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Tuesday. 5.4.04
im not going to tahiti! yea its a sad story... well not really... seeing as how i didnt want to go for a month in the first place 'cause of cory... as it turns out the aunt that i have that lives there is selling her store and opening her apartments... weird... yes... she owns an apartment... and the cousin that i was talkin about is studying to go to college... and they dont really have summer vacation there... for them its skool for 2 weeks then u have 2 weeks off... sounds fun but i dont like that system at all...

hm... pinky's b-day is coming up in like 11 days... haha i still dont no wat to get him yet... i have an idea but that is out of my budget... and he wont tell me wat he wants!!! boys...

well i dont no if anyone believes this but... IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!!! woohoo!

im out. later days.

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Thursday. 4.22.04
i tried out for the drill team... didn't make it... sad... it's okies... it's good to know that 16 of them were returners and there were only 5 new drill members... out of the 35 that tried out... so i'm not completely bummed out... i'll try out again next year.

been taking the WASL this week.. poop x100... but i'm surprised to say the WASL seems pretty easy this year... of course i've only taken the reading and math portion... but they're quite easy... i kept looking back at the questions 'cause i thought they were trick questions... haha they seem too easy!!! because of the WASL we had block scheduling on mon., tues., wed., and thurs.. period 1-3-5, then periods 2-4-6, so on... each period is equivalent to 2 hours long... A BIG PAIN IN THE ARSE!!! 'cause i always get so hungry, and bored, and i have to go thru the torture of being in ms.stahl's class for 2 hours!!!

other then the boring news of my life for the past 20 or so days... nothing has happened... WAIT!!! there is one new exciting thing... this summer i'm goin to tahiti for a month!!! with just me myself and i... yes ladies and gentleman... just me myself and i... parental units for a whole month!!! i'd be living wit my dad's oldest sister.. she is like 50 something... but she has a son that's 17 yrs. old... haha so i'd be hanging wit him mostly.. and the good thing is he speaks english!!! they speak french there... haha

well g2gs later days!

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THE library
Monday. 4.5.04
u'd think that if someone spends 4 freakin hours in a library they would be bored out of their mind but i was surprised... i had fun... anyways my cuz goes to the library at her college every sunday to do hw... and i wanted to spend time wit cory so i tagged along and got cory to come along too... it was fun... we just kinda walked around the library, and then i did my hw for a while.. but SOMEONE kept interrupting me... *sigh* buts its all good... he interrupted me for the good reasons... heehee... gosh hes such a sweetie... haha i love my pinky heehee
alex is suppose to be spending the night 2morrow... but i havent gotten a hold of her yet... damn... i'll call her 2morrow
and then i need to call justine so we can practice dancing... 'cause she needs to help me... dance tryouts are the week after spring break!!! yay!!! i cant wait!

later days. Chickens can fly.


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Longest survey I've taken in my life
Saturday. 4.3.04
stole this from k_hershee *grin*
bored as hell so might as well do something to kill time

+ Full Name: Quynh-Nhi My Nguyen
+ Sexuality: female, shemale? haha
+ Age: 15
+ Location: FW, WA
+ B-Day: July 26, 1988
+ Ethnicity: viet
+ Religion: aegnostic... wait... is that how u spell it?
+ Height: 5"1
+ Shoe size: 6 1/2 yea... i have tiny feet
+ Hair color: used to be black all the way, now its kinda black-brownish
+ Eye color: dark brown
+ Style: eh? wtf?
+ Fears: being alone, spiders, losing sight to who i am
+ Peed your pants? maybe wen i was 1, iono, i'll ask my mom later haha
+ Cheated on someone? of course not!
+ Fallen off the bed? yes, but weird thing is only wen i'm awake haha
+ Fallen for a relative? ugh!
+ Had plastic surgery? no, too young, and i just think it's wrong to change wat u were born with, u should be happy wit wat u got
+ Broke someone`s heart? :/ don't really no the answer to this one... maybe not?
+ Had your heart broken? once
+ Had a dream come true? not yet...
+ Had sex? no sirree bob, not yet neways...
+ Gotten a lap dance? HAHA lmao, not a real one, got a version of it from conan
+ Done something you regret? a lot of things, but u learn from it
+ Cheated on a test? yes who hasn't? morality in question, no one has it neways
+ Been raped? nope, still a virgin
+ Broken a body part? not that i know of...
+ Wearing? my pj's.. oyea...
+ Listening to? a song on the radio, don't really know wat it is
+ Eating? my spit
+ Feeling? sleepy
+ Reading? Bless the Beasts and Children
+ Located? in my room, in front of the comp
+ Chatting with? jessie
+ Watching? the comp screen, and the money cusor
+ Craving? ICE CREAM!
+ Should REALLY be doing? SLEEP!
+ Brush your teeth? no, haha jk 2x a day
+ Like anybody? well wen i have a bf, i'd say so
+ Have any piercing? one on each ear, and so does my bf...
+ Driving? have a permit... oyea baby. damn still need a license and car
+ Believe in Santa Claus? and i'm the easter bunny
+ Ever get off the damn computer? yes of course haha
+ Smoke? NO! IT'S BAD FOR U!
+ Drink? wat kinda drink? pepsi?
+Got a cellphone? i wish... *sigh*
+ Got a pager? wat is is this the 18th century
+ Hugged? my boyfriend, cory, or pinky
+ Kissed? cory
+ Gave eprops? 3 weeks ago... hm... alex? dont remember
+ IMed? jessie
+ Talked to on the phone? cory
+ Yelled at? cory
+ Checked out? hm.. don't wanna get into trouble wit this one so i'll say... cory ...*COUGHricardoCOUGH*
+ Tripped? the other way around i'm the one that got tripped...
+ What do you want to be when you grow up? advertsing manager
+ What was the worst day of your life? my last b-day
+ What is your most embarrassing story? too embarassing to say...
+ What has been the best day of your life? the day b4 i was born
+ What comes first in your life? family and friends
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? DUH! yes
+ What are you most scared of? again... being alone,
+ If you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them? the back of my head haha
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? pinky, and wat should i wear 2morrow, and did i do all my hw? and wat did i have for dinner tonight? lol
+ Did you lose someone you really loved? no comment
+ How many times have you fallen deeply in love? one time too many
+ Love your family? doy! of course i do
+ Love your friends? doy again!
+ Have you smoked? if i ever wanted a slow way to die... otherwise no
+ Have you drunk? drunk wat? pepsi? yes
+ Have you fought? with words
+ What are you addicted to? the fone, the internet, pepsi
+ Want to move? away from the comp...
+ Movie: grease, lion king, cruel intentions, fight club, pirates of the caribbean, and many many more
+ Song: don't have one really
+ Group: HAHA no really HAHA lol
+ Singer/Rapper: don't have one, but that eminem guy is pretty hot
+ Store: wal-mart, haha AE?
+ Shoes: tennis shoes
+ Relative: my cousin bak in vietnam
+ Sport: dancing.... hey it's a sport
+ Vacation Spot: LA
+ Ice Cream Flavor: Sherbet
+ Fruit: watermellon
+ Candy: anything chocolate, or skittles, or anything sour, hell i like all kinds of candy
+ Food: FOOD! i love it all, things that are edible of course
+ Car: viper, which i can never afford, but hey a girl can dream
+ Class: Math (yes i'm a math nerd)
+ Holiday: Christmas
+ Day of the Week: Friday
+ Color: yellow and green
+ Magazine: Teen People. (Cosmo? lol)
+ Name for a Girl: hm... don't no
+ Name for a Boy: Zachary, Joshua
+ Favorite spot for a date: back of the car... haha jk... anywhere is special as long as i get to be with my babe
+ Favorite spot for an anniversary: uh... back seat? lol
+ Favorite resturant: JACK IN THE BOX
+ McDonalds: wat the...
+ Burger King: ^
+ In and Out: sounds wrong, in and out of wat? lol
+ Wendy's: wtf?
+ Quote: i have a lot
+ Like to give hugs? heehee yeppers
+ Like to give kisses? i guess so... depends on who it is i'm giving the kisses to
+ Like to walk in the rain? YEP... o u no... kiss in the rain?
+ Sleep with or without clothes on? with clothes! i don't like the nude scene
+ Prefer black or blue pens? black
+ Dress up on Halloween? for parties yep
+ Have a job? no but i want to, maybe this summer
+ Like to travel? yep.
+ Like someone? I HAVE A BF! gosh asked this for the 293483x
+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? back, tummy, and sides
+ Think you're attractive? uh... no?
+ Want to marry? yes, but not now of course
+ Have a goldfish? that’s HAD a goldfish : (
+ Ever have the falling dream? yeppers, i like those dreams
+ Have stuffed animals? yeppers, they're all on my bed
+ Go on vacation? in the summer
+ Abortion: if u can't take care of the kid, put it for adoption! don't kill it
+ Bill Clinton: ugly
+ Smoking: slow way to die
+ Eating Disorders: not good for u...:(
+ Suicide: easy way out, and stupid
+ Summer: FUN
+ Tattoos: sexay... lol ;p
+ Piercing: same as above
+ Make-up: not a lot
+ Pierced nose or tongue? uh... tongue?
+ Single or taken? taken
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? 7th heaven
+ Sugar or salt? sweetness
+ Silver or gold? silver
+ Chocolate or flowers? both are equally nice
+ Color or Black-and-white photos? balck and white
+ M&M's or Skittles? BOTH!!!!!!!
+ Stay up late or sleep in? up late
+ Hot or cold? hot
+ Sun or moon? moony
+ Left or Right? uh... right?
+ 10 Acquaintances or one best friend? both? one best friend
+ Mustard or ketchup? ketchup all the way
+ Spring or Fall? fall, the pretty colors
+ Give or receive? depends, give wat? receive wat?
+ A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? friendship
+ Happy or sad? happy
+ Wonder or amazement? wonder
+ McDonald's or Burger King? McDonalds
+ Mexican or Italian food? both
+ Lights on or off? off
+ Candy or soda? both
+ Pepsi or Coke? PEPSI!

finally... I'M DONE! muahaha

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Saturday. 3.27.04
meep meep! yea well theres a road runner high speed online banner here right now... the good old days of funny cartoons... like tom & jerry

newho... spring break is coming up soon.. only one more week of skool... woopee! and then the week after that are drill try-outs which i will be participating... heehee 2morrow i might be goin to cory's little league baseball game... yes.. little league... i give him enough crap about it... haha its cute... i love it... lol.. tho im grounded i still manage to hang wit him on the weekends... i dont think my parents know the meaning to grounding... i just asked my dad if i can go to a baseball game 2morrow... and he said sure... haha.. sucker... hey i swear im not a bad kid... not at all!!! just sometimes...
thought-of-the-day: funny how i've been so tired lately because of skool and the lack of sleep, i still manage to feel as happy and optimist as ever... i guess wen u've found the person that u can tolerate, and someone that u're happy to be with then nothing can really kill it... he makes me happy (i hope that it's vice versa)... he's sweet, nice, and he respect me for who i am, and he doesn't mind the fact that im weird...lol. For the first time in a relationship i havent gotten a headache, or the drama, and it's almost 2 months! usually the drama occur 2 weeks into the relationship... to wrap it up.. i'm happy wit my relationship wit cory... and i DO like him A LOT...
despite some ppl who said that im just one of those girls who seems to always have to have a boyfriend... *cough* -_-

well that's it for the thought of the day...

later days.

Edit: im really pissed right now, one moment he says that i can go to the baseball game and the next day wen he wakes up and finally realized that i was still grounded decided to not let me go... "why don't u just stay home and clean the house" well i've been cleaning the fukkin house for 2 weeks now... even my room! and it's sunny outside! taunt it in my face why don't ya? i work my ass off with those fukkin A's... just so that they can have something to brag about. other kids do things like TPing other ppl's houses, stayed out till 2am, and they get wat? one week of grounding? i stayed out till 11:30 and get grounded for 1 whole freakin' month!
...i tried calling cory to tell him that i can't go to his baseball game... but he's not home and he left his cell at home... he'll be disappointed but he's not gonna be as disappointed as i am... my bf is in a baseball team and i cant even go see him! (well technically he's in 2 baseball teams.)
...i hate my dad!!! and just wen i thought we were gettin along great since my 2 weeks of grounding so far... now i just remember why i hate him in the first place

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*Happy Dance*
Wednesday. 3.17.04
woop! woop! give it up to the good driving student... i was pretty damn surprise to no that i passed!... and wit a 98% too! thats fukkin high... and then afterwards he gave us our certificate... which also means that i passed the written test that was taken during class! i am now official done wit drivers ed... wee!!! and to think that i only get C's on my other drives... o well...!

anywho... today has been pretty boring... went to skool... kept falling asleep durin class... got all nervous for the final drive after skool... i should really drink coffee in the morning again...

eh.. spanish test 2morrow... g2g to sleep... so i can wake up tonight and study for the test...

later days.

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